Pillowtops: A Gift For Sweethearts

Date: Feb 9
10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Where: Level 2 Classroom
Cost: $40.00

Pillow tops are woven with yarn on wooden frames and were traditionally crafted by Newfoundland lumber camp workers to be gifted to their wives, girlfriends or mothers.

Nicole Penney will provide detailed instruction during this hands-on, half-day workshop, where you will learn the skills and techniques necessary to make a pillow top to take home.

The workshop costs $40 and pre-registration is required. 10% Discount for members. The fee includes use of tools and materials and a coffee break.

To register, please contact Visitor Services at 757-8090. For more information on the workshop schedule and content, please contact Joy Barfoot at 757-8092 or email joybarfoot@therooms.ca

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