Coffee & Culture - Newfoundland, Canada and Confederation

Date: Mar 28
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Where: Theatre
Cost: Included With Admission

This year represents two important anniversaries in the relationship between Canada and Newfoundland: it was 150 years ago that Newfoundland turned its back on the Confederation project that began in 1864 and opted to pursue a separate destiny in North America for the next eight decades, and 70 years since it voted to join Canada as the tenth province.

Please join Dr. Raymond B. Blake, Professor, Department of History, University of Regina for a presentation which examines moments of that exhilarating and tumultuous history of Newfoundland's relationship with Canada and offers a glimpse into decisions made by the women and men who voted for union in 1948. It looks briefly at the relationship between Newfoundland and the Canadian Government after 1949.

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