The Culture Rooms

Date: Jul 18
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
Where: Level 2 & 3 Atrium
Cost: Included With Admission

Experience what makes the people and this place so unique.

MUSIC: When we are not talking, we are singing. And dancing. And having a time. Learn why music runs in our veins and try out an instrument or two yourself. Have you ever played an ugly stick?

LANGUAGE: Did you know we have our own dictionary? Become acquainted with local authors. Learn some new words, like sleeveen or callibogus. And discover place names that will make you giggle, such as Come By Chance or Blow Me Down Provincial Park.

NATURE: Mother Nature is highly respected here. Her high winds, dense fog, deep snow and horizontal rain have made us a hearty bunch and have defined our fashion sense. Learn about our spectacular hiking trails. Touch a piece of iceberg. And find out what capelin weather is all about.

HISTORY: Come find out what brought people to these shores hundreds of years ago and what has made us such a resilient and creative lot. Try your hand at splitting a cod or bring a turn of water. Learn about resettlement and the salt cod trade.

GENEALOGY: Many visitors have "roots" in this province. Some come with a clear understanding of where their families came from, while others only know that somewhere in their past there was a generation that started here. This kiosk shows you how to begin!