Engaging Evenings: Any Mummers 'Lowed In?

Date: Dec 11
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Where: Theatre

Hark what's the noise out by the porch door? It's Bud Davidge, acclaimed musician from the band Simani joining us at The Rooms' theatre for a staged interview. Bud will share his reminisces about 'The Mummers Song', and the taping of CBC television special that helped spread the song far and wide. So, come in to learn more about the lovely mummers! In partnership with the Mummers Festival Event. ASL/English Interpreting Services are available through NLAD by request only to ASLservices@therooms.ca or 709-757-8090. We will do our best to accommodate requests made within two weeks of the scheduled event.

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