Breeding Bird Atlas

Date: Oct 21
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: Theatre
Engaging Evening

Known as the seabird capital of North America, Newfoundland’s 29,000 km of coastline provides habitat for more than 35 million seabirds, including the world’s largest colony of Leach’s storm petrels. The island’s interior is home to more than 100 landbird species, and provides important stopover habitat for millions of migrating birds each year.

Having solid baseline data about the distribution and health of bird populations is essential for sound conservation and management decisions: we can’t know what we’re losing (or gaining!) if we don’t know what’s out there.  However, that baseline information has been lacking for Newfoundland…until now.

Launched this past summer, the first Newfoundland Breeding Bird Atlas aims to map the distribution and abundance of all bird species breeding on the island.  Over the next four years, birdwatchers across Newfoundland have a chance to participate in the largest citizen-science project ever attempted in the province.

Come out to this talk to learn about what makes Newfoundland’s birds special, how breeding bird atlases work and why they’re important, and how you can participate in this exciting project. 

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