Newfoundland Ghost Ship Legends: An Interactive Map

Date: Oct 28
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Where: Theatre
Engaging Evening

Come embrace the spooky season with a talk on the haunted waters of Newfoundland. Folklore student Karin Murray-Bergquist will present an interactive map of Newfoundland's ghost ship legends, compiled from the MUN Folklore and Language Archive, and an ever-growing project which she hopes to continue working on throughout her degree.

Karin will discuss her research and demonstrate how to navigate the map, before recounting some of the chilling tales to be found therein.

Karin Murray-Bergquist is a PhD student in folklore, as well as a writer, artist, and actor, currently based in St. John's. 

Capacity is limited, get your ticket early to secure your spot. You can reserve your ticket online, at the front desk or by calling visitor services at 757-8000.