Fun on the Lawn

Date: Jul 22
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Where: The Rooms Front Lawn

PLEASE NOTE: The games on the lawn will not go ahead today due to weather. 

The special Pride Week tie-dye flag activity will go ahead and is taking place indoors on Level 3, in the Open Minds space. 

This Thursday, July 22 we are adding a special activity to Fun on the Lawn!

Tie-dye your own brightly coloured flag for pride! Kool-aid tie-dye and cotton provided to make your own flag.

If you have any all-white, cotton items that you'd like to tie-dye, feel free to bring them too! This is included in fun on the lawn at no charge. #HappyPride #PrideWeek2021

This program will move inside The Rooms to Level 3 should it rain.

COVID safety practices in place for everyone’s safety.

Events & Programs

10:00 am - 5:00 pm

The Rooms presents a free summer-long program of short films from the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) running in a continuous loop in its theatre, with a special theme for each day of the week. 

Saturday: Creative Inspiration for Kids (83 min)

  • The Reluctant Deckhand (33 min)
  • I Can Make Art… Like Andrew Qappik (11 min)
  • Sound Collector (11 min)
  • I Can Make Art Like… Maud Lewis (12 min)
  • Distant Islands (6 min)
  • I Can Make Art Like… Emily Carr (10 min)

Thanks to our ample space and high attention to recommended COVID-19 protocols, The Rooms is an excellent choice for individuals and families looking for a safe and enriching way to experience the finest in NFB cinema and storytelling. 

2:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Pericles, Prince of Tyre

Written by William Shakespeare, George Wilkins, and Andy Jones
Directed by Paul Rowe

Pericles, the eponymous hero of our tale, shares many of the characteristics of “Jack”, the hero of the well-known Newfoundland Jack Tale tradition. He escapes the clutches of an evil king, wins the hand of a princess, and navigates perils on sea and land as an exile until he is reunited with friends, family, and home. With the renowned comedian, actor, and writer Andy Jones having rewritten the lines of Gower, the play’s narrator, in his own inimitable style, this production promises to be a journey through Shakespeare straight into the heart of Newfoundland and Labrador heritage and culture.

Andy Jones and Paul Rowe alternate performances in the role of Gower. with Chris Hibbs as Pericles. Lauren Andrews, Spencer Bellows, Katie Billard, Brandon Cave, Sean Collins, Rebecca Dwyer, Nick Gushue, Bailey Jackson, Darnell Johnson, Megan Jones, Chris Langdon, Evan Maddick, Karin Murray-Bergquist, and Melissa Ralph

All shows are weather and public health orders permitting. 

If the show is cancelled, an annoucement will be posted on the Shakespeare By The Sea Facebook page (Shakespeare By The Sea Festival - St. John's | Facebook) at least one hour prior to the show start time.

$25 General Admission
$20 Students/Seniors/Unwaged (Discount)

For more show dates and information: