FULL Teeny TOTS: Sensory Adventures for Little Ones

Date: Feb 28
10:30 am - 11:15 am
Where: Level 4 Art Gallery
Infant Sensory Music Group

Embark on a monthly musical journey with your little one at the Infant Sensory Music Group, hosted by certified music therapist, Renée White. Join us in exploring the unique art exhibitions at The Rooms, setting the stage for a sensory-rich experience that enhances your infant's development.

This week's session will take place in A Sea Change exhibition on level 3.

Who's Invited:
Newborns to 9 month olds and their caregivers. (This program is designed for younger babies, if your baby is on the move check out our other TOTS programs)

Monthly Sessions:
Immerse yourselves in a new art exhibition each month, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving backdrop for your infant's sensory exploration.

About Ms. Renée:
Renée White, certified music therapist and University of Windsor Honors Bachelor of Music Therapy graduate, brings her expertise to create a warm and welcoming environment. As "Ms. Renée," she shares her passion for using music as a tool for connection and growth.

Secure your spot in this unique program that blends art, music, and infant development.

Cost: $15 (+HST) per session. Cost includes 1 caregiver and 1 infant). 10% discount for Rooms Members. Get your ticket online or by calling (709) 757-8090.