Art in Context: Discussion Series

Date: Mar 1
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Where: Everywhere
Discussion Series

In this expansive and educational series of three in-depth talks and conversational gallery tours, art educator Anne Pickard-Vaandering places current art exhibitions in context with wider art histories. Attend one or attend all three for an even broader understanding. These mini art history sessions will leave participants with a better appreciation of current exhibitions, as well as the historical and cultural movements and societal change seen through an art historical lens.

Discussion 1 - February 2: Feminisms through Art

Discussion 2 - March 1: Blood and Bodies: Religion and Science through Art

Discussion 3- April 5: Abstraction through Art

$20 (+HST) per session, or $50 (+HST) for all three bundled. 10% discount for Rooms Members.

To purchase individual dates, you can purchase your ticket online or by calling (709)757-8090.

If you'd like to purchase the bundle price for all three dates, please call (709)757-8090.